The Team

Our Dedicated staff working together for a common purpose

Ps. Clinton Lewis PhD

Chairman of School Board

Ps. Jerome Gordon

School's Manager and Education Director

Ps. Charles Gittens

School Chaplain

Mrs. Kimlyn Decoteau


Mrs. Esterlyn Modeste

English B & Social Studies
Head of Social Sciences Department

Mr. Eric St Cyr

Vice Principal
Building and Furniture Technology
Head of Technical Department

Mr. Ricky Williams

Physical Education & Sports
Head of the Sports Department

Mr. Kyron Decoteau

Head of Math and Science Departments

Mrs. Nicole Duncan-Decoteau

English A & Spanish
Head of Modern Languages Department

Miss Sabrina Debelotte

Chemistry & Biology

Miss Lindy Richmond


Mrs. Anne Collier

Literacy Co-ordinator

Mrs. Aleshia Allert

English A & French

Miss Donnis James

Food & Nuttrition

Mr. Dennie Walker

Information Technology

Miss Kennisha Rennie

French & Spanish

Miss Nichole Beggs

Principles of Business &
Office Administration

Mr. Antonio Roderiquez

Geography & Information Technology

Miss Liz Finley

English B & English A

Mrs. Nancy Hamlet

Agriculture Science, Food and Nutrition & Home Management

Mrs. Adeltris Roberts

History, Social Studies & Bible

Mrs. Elisa Roberts

Geography & Social Studies

Miss Candice Frederick

Agricultural Science and Maths

Mr. Royan George

Human & Social Biology, Physics & Maths

Miss Shenice Best

Mathematics & Biology

Miss Asha McEwen

Biology & Integrated Science

Mr. Roddy Samuel

Building & Furniture Technology & Technical Drawing

Mr. Johnny Noel

Building & Furniture Technology and Technical Drawing

Mrs. Gwendoline Lopez


Mrs. Lyn Thomas


Mr. Keith Richardson


Mr. Miguel Bartholomew

Farm Attendant

Mr. Christopher Lopez

Farm Attendant

Miss Rena Charles


Mrs.  Lydia Thomas


Miss Elaine Julien


Mr. Kellie Reubin

Security Officer

Mrs Kizzy Jones

Tuck Shop Attendant

Miss  Glenis Charles

Tuck Shop Attendant