Courses/Subjects offered at GSDACS

Mathematics and Sciences
Mathematics (Math)
Biology (Bio)
Chemistry (Chem)
Agricultural Science
Integrated Science (IS)
Human and Social Biology HSB)
Food Nutrition and Health (F&N)

Modern Languages
English A
English B

Courses/Subjects offered at GSDACS

Technical and Vocational
Information Technology (IT)
Family and Resource Management (HM)
Technical Drawing (TD)
Health and Physical Education (PE)
Building and Furniture Technology (BFT)  

Social Sciences
Caribbean History
Geography (Geog)
Social Studies (Soc)

Courses/Subjects offered at GSDACS

Principles of Business (POB)
Office Administration (OA)

Religious and Life Skills
Bible Studies
Guidance and Counselling (GC)
Social and Life Skills (SLS)
Health and Family Life Education (HFLE) 


 The internal assessments for the first and second terms are marked out of a maximum of 40% and constitutes the following:
20% course work (includes quizzes, projects,          orals, group work, home assignments etc.)
20% formal exams ususally administered at the end of the term

The internal assessments for the third and final term are marked out of a maximum of 100% and constitutes the following:

20% of the first and second terms marks combined
20% for course work completed during the final term
60% for final term exams

Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) offers the following external exams

Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC)
The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC)

Additional Classes

The committed teachers at GSDACS usually volunteer to conduct extra classes in different subject areas for students who need additional assistance, especially students who are preaparing for external exams. Class schedules are as follow:
 Additional classes are conducted in the following areas:
Math, PE, Biology, Physics, HM, BFT, Chemistry, IT, French, Spanish, History, TD, Ag. Sci, Geog

Graduation Criteria

 ALL Students in Forms 4 and 5 must

  • Attend ALL classes including bible and HFLE classes as scheduled. Attend mathematics classes throughout the school year.

  • Attend school regularly and punctually. Students are allowed 2 absences per term. (A written excuse signed by the parent/guardian will be accepted for irregularity and unpunctuality).

  • Participate in athletics (heats and Sports), cross country and March pass.

  • Demonstrate respect for oneself, peers, staff and Principal and all school authority.

  • Adhere to the school’s dress code:
         Boy’s hair should be trimmed and combed.
         Absolutely no profanities will be tolerated.     
         Only full uniforms, neatly arranged on the individual will be accepted.        
         Students will be spoken to once for any such misdemeanor.
         Meet all S.B.A deadlines promptly.

  • Any student who fights in school will not be allowed to graduate.
  • Any student who brings discredit to the school because of misbehavior in or out of school will not be allowed to graduate.
  • Any student who is suspended will not be allowed to graduate.
  • The suspension of students and their general behavior and deportment in Form IV will influence the decision to graduate.
  •  NO PREGNANT student will be allowed to graduate

Our Honour Roll